The Shared Walk group is a community of South Wales based artists who seek to engage with other communities locally, nationally and internationally. We work in a wide range of media including performance, painting, ceramics, photography, sound and installation.

Individually and collectively our work addresses themes of containment and fragmentation, inviting the deconstruction and reconsideration of responses in the psyche in relation to the viewed object. We are curious about themes such as the echoes of memory and the evocation of nostalgia. We draw on our diverse professional backgrounds and cultural experiences to evoke a range of interactive possibilities.

Elements that unite us as a group and encourage the involvement of wider communities include the shared location, sharing with others through the creation of artworks, provision of workshops and the shared exhibition. We are committed to making artworks that are inclusive, participatory, site responsive and wherever possible co-created.


Gemma Bartlett
My work focuses on ideologies that involve the family album, memory, and experience. My work has developed into an understanding of my experiences as a Mother and the overlooked. I am deeply interested in concepts that interpret the photograph in relation to this and the connections between them.

Website: https://gembartlett.wordpress.com/
Email: gembartlett@icloud.com

Anna Brazier
I love to move and to draw. My background as a Psychotherapist and Alexander Teacher has drawn me to methods and materials that mark, embody and transform.  Movement, the impact of positioning, context, and locale are central concerns; these are mediated through processes of responsive enquiry.

Website: movementinmind.co
Email via the companion web site: movementinmind.org

Nick Davies
My arts practice is informed by nature. My aim is to look at re-integrating nature into art through capturing the energy and rhythm of the natural world.  Using painting/drawing methods, printing and sculpture; I transcribe the influence of light, reflected patterns in water, geological shapes and surface textures, capturing transitory movements found with natural phenomena.

Website: www.nickdaviesart.co.uk
Email: info@nickdaviesart.co.uk
Twitter:  twitter.com/nick1967_nick

Jessica Greenway
Since graduating with an MA in Art Practice at the University of South Wales I have exhibited extensively in various galleries and exhibitions throughout South Wales. My practice is predominantly ceramic based combining my interests in minimalism and architecture to create three dimensional forms that are connected through the use of formal qualities such as shape, form and colour.

Website: http://jessica-greenway.wixsite.com/jdgreenwayceramics
Email: Jdgreenway1@gmail.com

Sharon Magill
My creative process is concerned with the experiential, within landscapes and communities, in solitude and shared. Encouraging engagement and participation in art is an important aspect of my work. I work in various media including sound, video, photography and photographic printing processes. I am curious about how personal histories are shared through methods such as story trails or immersive installation.

Website: shazography.wordpress.com
Email: shazmagill@gmail.com

Ceri Morris
Through drawing & multimedia I explore my experience of the world as a voyage of discovery to be reflected in my work.

Email: c.morris@ntlworld.com

Helen C A Rowlands
I live and work in Wales. In my practices as an artist and psychotherapist, I’m curious about how our identifications with places both physical and psychological , within groups and communities pattern us as social and political beings and how our identifications may be overtly or more covertly signaled, I am involved in the ongoing contemporary Fluxus movements in the UK and in Australia including collective representations and the continuance of mail-art initiatives. I often work across disciplines with mixed or multi- media installations  As well as exhibiting here in Wales, my work is now included in collections in Berlin and in Australia.

Website: http://www.helenrowlandswpp.wix.com/artsite
Email: helenrowlands.wpp@gmail.com