Alexandra Andreica


Maria D. Rus and Alexandra Andreica

About our artwork

In our art we like to capture the beauty in mundane (unremarkable) places or objects. The use of different mediums and techniques allows us to express different ideas.

Everyone is curious and that is the way we were created to be,  so instead of creating a interactive app, we decided to create an interactive piece of art based on our first “shared walk” in Roath Park.

Our art is about connecting the viewer with the art, about reflexions, about strong emotions that represents us as artists.

Our final pieces can be compared to a flash image after a walk in Roath Park. The images we chose are the ones which can direct anyone’s mind straight to the place they are coming from.

The usage of reflection and images inside “boxes” brings the idea of memory, we can only see the images far through lenses or as reflexions which brings the viewer in an imaginary experience.

About us

We are two Romanian artists with a background in painting which we both studied in Romania.

Alexandra’s defining technique is acrylic on canvas which she masters at the highest level.

After 10 years of studying painting Maria started to approach in her projects installation and digital collages along paintings.

Both of us have a strong interest in everything what means contemporary’s society with all its aspects (political, economical, cultural, social). These aspects are illustrated in our artwork as a warning alarm to the viewer. In our artwork you might see sometimes disturbing contrasts between two different worlds or different periods in history all meant to signalise the social issues surrounding us.

The main interest brings us together in this project, where we aimed to determine the viewer to reflect and interact with the artwork.

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