Kyle Povey

Kyle Povey

My practice focuses on the fascination with depicting the human face through the use of a naturalistic visual language. I am equally fascinated by the meeting of figurative and abstracted forms, a meeting that it extended and at the same time disrupted by the layering of painting with hard and transparent surfaces. I used this to echo the glimpses of others we get from everyday encounters, just like a shared walk around Roath Park.

The combination of figurative painting and abstract elements within the works acts as a reminder that the images are constructions of reality and that we will construct our own understanding of them. For me, Roath Park represents a place of great diversity and creates the sense of a community within the gathering of complete strangers. This gave me the opportunity to explore subjects within my artwork, which contrast one another in gender, appearance and age.

Jessica Greenway

Ceramic Glazed White Earthenware

Since graduating with an Ma in Art Practice at the University of South Wales I have exhibited extensively in various galleries and exhibitions throughout South Wales. My practice is predominantly ceramic based combining my interests in minimalism and architecture to create three dimensional forms that are connected through the use of formal qualities such as shape, form and colour.

I used my shared walk around Roath park with my plus one as an opportunity to study and document shapes and colours that were dominant to me paying attention to negative spaces within objects like fences and benches around the park. I used the images that I had taken on the walk as a source to concentrate on details which I simplified in order to extract lines and shapes to create two-dimensional drawings on to the ceramic forms.

See Jessica Greenway’s website for more information –


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