Christine Magill

Sharon Magill & Christine Magill


Christine Magill

Roath Park, acrylic on canvas

I live in Bedfordshire and my day job is as an English Teacher in a secondary school in Hertfordshire, but my evening and weekend passion is art. I loved art at school and returned to it five years ago, focusing on life drawing, printing, acrylics and abstract art. I have been working on abstract art over the last year as part of as art class in Hertfordshire and I have found it to be an exhilarating way of re-looking at the world around us, exploring this through colour, shape, texture and materials.

My work started with a walk in Roath Park with my sister, Sharon, where she introduced me to the idea for this project. I was there to see the park and hear about her ideas but was almost immediately inspired to want to take part too. The inspiration for my picture was a group of trees alongside the river with particularly striking patterns of diamonds breaking through the surface of the bark. The more I have worked on this piece, the more I began to associate this breaking through with the creative process and the emergence of ideas from an initial stimulus. Thus, the texture and colours started to form to represent the impact of the diamond shapes as I first encountered the trees, also reflecting just some of the many colours in the magnificent rose garden.

Sharon Magill

Bench Views in Blue, cyanotype on paper

Benches have been a theme in my artwork for a number of years and when I see a bench I will very often take a photograph, always from behind to show the bench and the view when seated. However my style of presenting the benches has completely changed for this project because of the walk around Roath Park I shared with my sister, Christine, earlier this year.

There are many benches around Roath Park but it was when we reached the rose gardens that I saw them in such huge numbers, long lines streaming along the pathways and clusters in quieter secluded sections and all of a similar type.

The cyanotype prints created for A Shared Walk emphasis the individual character of the bench and the variety as seen as you walk from one end of Roath Park to the other. The flat blue field of colour provides a space to look into, visualise your own landscape and invites memories of your own places to sit and look.

My creative process is a journey of experimentation and discovery. I am always keen to explore and develop new skills and to expand my practice and this project gave me the opportunity to experiment with cyanotype printing for the first time.

Whilst my work can be seen as grounded in the genre of landscape, my work is also concerned with the experiential and with seeing, through exploring different viewpoints and by challenging the objective and subjective view. Working in and with communities to encourage engagement with art and storytelling is also an important aspect of my work, as seen in the projects Rhondda Voices and Ystrad Stories.

For more information see Sharon’s website:


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