Claire Davies


Nick Davies and Claire Davies

Nick Davies

Transience, mixed media drawing on german etching paper

Water wake (Roath Park Lake). Transparent image set over blind embossed lino print.

An ephemeral rose, 3 images of a white rose transposed over each other, German etching paper.

Ferns, image printed onto german etching paper

My arts practice is informed by nature and therefore it is my aim to look at re-integrating nature into art through capturing the energy and rhythm of the natural world.   Nature has been a fascination for artists for hundreds of years and has the capacity to evoke thought and emotion.  It is my intention to transcribe the influence of light, reflected patterns in water, shapes and surface textures, and to capture the transitory movements of water found from natural phenomena.

We live in a society that is so transitory through technology that we do not allow ourselves to stop and be ‘still’.  By stepping outside into nature, I allow myself to become open to contemplation through contact with the natural world.  It is my hope that the artistic response is a sensuous aesthetic representation of contemplative thought.

‘Reflection’ and a development of a  ‘Reflective Journey’ has been a focus for my arts practice over the past 3 years.  Developing from painting, an exploration into using combined embossed printmaking, drawing, photography and semi-sculptural/sculpture techniques are used to capture the multi dimensional elements of nature.

Whilst recent practice has communicated contemplation and re-engagement with our natural surroundings, the work created for ‘a shared walk’  seeks to remind us of own temporality within the rhythms and cycles of nature.

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Claire Davies

Transience and Memory, Mixed media

In my work the materials and form are as important as the subject. “Ghost Trees” are reflective of memories and of contemporary management of the park; human intervention to maintain a natural space for the pleasure of visitors.  The trees, the park, enjoyed by our predecessors may have changed through the seasons and years but will continue, in renewed form, to be enjoyed by our descendants; a metaphor for memory, continuity and sharing through generations.

Form: Broken curves of three ghost panels creating a circle, a tree; shared past, present and future, the slight movement of the panels created by people passing through the space around them reflect shifting, things change, but remain in memory.

Materials: from or associated with trees in the park; cellulose horticultural fleece, charcoal marks, shredded wood chips made of the felled timber, the trees have been reconstituted in a man-made environment, here, Re-Made In Roath, echoing the materials for long tables throughout the festival.

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A Shared Walk in Roath Park: Conversation

Nick Davies (ND) and Claire Davies (CD)


Sharing has so many interpretations, for reasons of distance we could not walk in Roath Park together, we shared our experience through conversation, collaborating as artists.

ND: I had related to Claire that during my latter school years, I lived near Roath Park and have happy memories of walking my dog around the lake area. I would often have contemplative moments wondering what the future had in store. Returning decades later, I followed the same route of my younger self and lovable companion, past the lake and finding a quiet contemplative space within a garden filled with flowers in various stages of bloom. Observations of water wakes, reflective imagery in water, plant life and  using a flower as a visual metaphor, are the intended concepts for illustrating phases of growth through the passing of time.

CD: I visited the park, considering the space following our conversation. I was interested in transience through changes in structural elements, exploring, drawing, talking, reflecting. On a bench, an older man joined me. He spoke of his Roath Park; his wife, how, when she was alive they would walk. Remembering trees, plants, paths, flowers; nature made and disappeared. Your reflections, his memories and our presence that day developed into an idea; ghost trees, marked by prosaic, solid tree-stumps, developing into an ethereal, shifting, transient memory.

ND: An exploration of the ephemeral and the passing of time informs my current arts practice.  Listening to your comments Claire, relating to observations and conversations with local residents, I feel both our visual responses draw attention to rhythms and cycles, from both natural phenomena and a human perspective.

CD: I agree. People, fragile nature; trees, water, time passing, seeing change through our eyes and theirs, we interpret our time in the park through our experiences and histories, engaging others to explore their “shared” walk over time.



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