Lindsey Hadley


Ceri Morris and Lindsey Hadley


Lindsey Hadley

Out for a stroll, Pen and ink drawing

Reflective Koi Carp, Inks and watercolour painting

Finding the Fountain, Inks and sgraffito impression

Untitled, Pen and Ink drawing

I was born in Cardiff and have lived here most of my life; visiting Roath Park as a young person, mother, grandmother and for artistic endeavours.  I have completed a diploma in Graphic Design at Salisbury College of Art and Certificate in the use of therapeutic art at Swansea University.

Along the walk we photographed often and stopped to enjoy the experience. In the spirit of the shared table we worked from these images together, trying out various media, compositions and combinations to relay a narrative of our visit.

Ceri Morris

‘Dawn – Daylight – Dusk’

Shy Dawn, Oil painting

Stretching Daylight, Pastel painting

Stretching Daylight, Encaustic wax

Dusk, Oil painting

I am currently a classical Atelier student at the Broadway Drawing School, working towards The Broadway Atelier Diploma in Figure Drawing.

My sister and I undertook a shared walk around Roath’s green places, exploring our history of living in the area; memories of adventures in the park; memories of family; and a mother who lived in another park. We appreciated anew its beauty, taking many photographs, some of which formed inspiration to our work. We wanted to share our joint experiencing through various creative media and collaboration, to invite others to join us at our long table of diverse responses to a shared experience.

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